Friday, March 2, 2012

Weekly Review 2/26-3/2/12


What's New- Sorry, there was no update last week.  Hubby and I went for our yearly marriage retreat that is hosted by our church.  It was great as usual. Its important that we invest in our relationship.   After all, one day the kids will grow up and leave.  We definitely recognize the need to focus on us more. I celebrated my birthday yesterday.  Happy Birthday to me!  Nothing special just a quiet birthday at home.  The best part of the day was seeing all  three boys get in the bed and sing the happy birthday song.  Priceless.

Reading- Our journey through Reading to Learn is well under way.  This week  we learned about four elements that every story has, characters, setting, problem and resolution.  We learned about pronouns taking the place of nouns. We also did more work with question words.  Taking an example from our workbook we were given a sentence  Today Bill went home because he was sick. 

My focus is helping Christopher understand which word in the sentence tells, who and which word tells where.  Also when and why.  Our reading program is really in depth.  Its opening my eyes to the types of questions I should ask to ensure my boys are comprehending the material covered.  I am thrilled that I found this program. 






LA- Christopher will begin the next Light Unit next week.  He has his first creative writing assignment in this light unit.  I am nervous and excited at the same time.  Christopher and writing, wow, there is an ongoing progression.  I’m beaming!

I have lots of homework to do this weekend.  There is an appendix in the back of my teachers manual that is full of ideas and instructions on how to teach creative writing to first grade students.  This book is at my bedside and traveling with me everywhere I go and when I have a moment I pull it out.

History- Returned to our Ancient History curriculum.  This week we are studying the Greeks and reading the Iliad.


We created swords, helmets and shields.  I’m sure they are not absorbing the full story of The Iliad but I am.  What a story!

We started with this box, and I cut it all out with a knife because I could not locate the box cutter.  Man the things we do for our children.


Here are the templates.



Emmanuel said he was going to save the world.  Too funny!


When dad came home he joined in the fun. 


Math- Completed lessons 97-100 and had another assessment this week.  He only has 30 lessons left before he completes this curriculum.  We will be reviewing math facts and other things in the meantime until he starts his 2nd grade curriculum.

We are really focusing on math facts.



Spanish-Continue to label body parts  and learn their names.




Joshua is an eager student.  He is learning letters, words and numbers.  His first session with a speech therapist will be next week.  Currently, he loves erasing the white board again and again.  He spent some one on one time with his grandmother this week, reading.




Emmanuel- After much thought and deliberation Emmanuel will begin Kindergarten level work soon.  He will still be classified as Pre K for reporting purposes but I will be moving him forward at his pace.  I have tried keeping him back, thinking he should play more and there will be plenty of time for school.  This is true but when a child is ready it is evident.  It would only be to his determent if I continue holding him back so onward and upward.

He was given the 100 chart this week and he is counting up a storm.


Goals for next week- For some reason I thought I could make it to the end of this school year with our current set up.  What was I thinking? The classroom is driving me crazy.  We need more shelf space and I am so ready for the new set up. So this week I am going to order materials and  get quotes for labor.    Hopefully the project can be completed during our spring break. 


  1. Great pictures! I love CLE too!

  2. Happy Belated, Tiffany.

    I agree that it's always important for a mother and father to invest within the relationship.

    Good stuff with the family playing with the homemade shield and sword.

    Good times.

  3. Those swords and shields look like so much fun! And Happy Birthday!

  4. Really enjoyed reading about your school work...and glad to know you got your new room! :)


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