Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wordful Wednesday, Treasured Resource



A  while back I found a childhood bible that was given to me from a family friend.  It was one of my favorite books growing up.  Surprisingly the book is still around and I have the privilege of sharing it with my children.  The boys love it!  We are using it in the morning for our morning devotionals.  This year we are trekking through the Old Testament.   Honestly, I prefer the regular bible but these stories are written very well. It’s the perfect accompaniment, in fact it has become our guide. 

The other morning while reading about David and Goliath. We learned that after David defeated Goliath King Saul became jealous of him and tried to kill him.  David fled for his life but remained friends with King Saul’s son Jonathan.  David went on to become a great king. When our reading was done for the day Christopher and Emmanuel were begging me to continue. 

Again I am so grateful this resource is still around. Now I have the privilege of creating a bond with my boys by sharing stories that I literally read as a child.  I will be pulling this one out for years to come.

The hunt is on for a less loved copy of this book. 


  1. That is so cool! I wish I still had my childhood Bible to share with Princess Nagger - my sister bought her her own for Christmas so maybe she'll be able to share it with her future kids! ;)

    Warrior Cat Entrepreneur

  2. I had one like this as a child and it was my favorite too!. I should go look for it or buy my daughter one. Happy WW!


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