Friday, February 24, 2012

Resisting The Tablet Craze

I am going to step out on a limb here and state that I am not on board with the tablet craze.   When I am out and about I see them everywhere.  It’s the latest and greatest electronic invention on the market right now, I get it.  However I just can’t justify the expense.  Everything that can be done on the tablet can be done with my cellphone but the tablet has a larger screen.  At one time my husband and I were close to purchasing one because there was a great sale.  Even then I had a hard time justifying the purchase, we don’t need it.  We can use the money elsewhere.
Personally, my children get enough screen time.  More than I care to admit.  Why should I purchase an extra screen to keep them occupied when we are away from home.  What about a little activity bag with crayons, paper, small books or something else that would keep the child busy without a $300-$500 breakable toy. Are we being lazy as parents and taking the easy way out? Do our children really need something to keep them busy while out in public?  Many of us did not have any of these luxuries and we turned out just fine.  Parenting is tough, there is no easy button. I have three boys and have had my share of public meltdowns with kids who are beyond themselves and need to get home on the fastest thing moving and get in the bed.  And that’s exactly what we do. I gather my children, say goodbye to our friends and we leave.
My family enjoys many modern electronic gadgets and honestly, many of them are nice, very nice.  But, if we are being honest once the newness wears off, you find yourself thinking about the next unnecessary must have item.  One of the problems in this society is we are so quick to do what everyone else is doing, just because.  We feel like we must have the it car, house, bag, vacation, electronic gadget, clothes, etc.  It’s really sad.
Does anyone else wonder how people can afford all of these things. We are constantly being told how bad the economy is.  Statistics show many Americans are out of work. Depending on your political views you will side with one candidate or the other and their spin on the issue. Apparently, there is a disconnect, either we are being lied to about the financial status of typical families or lots of people are living above their means. I think the later is true. The point I want to stress is perhaps we should put more thought into our purchases.  Is the item really needed or is it a passing want. You may find resisting the urge to follow the crowd will yield a better return. Perhaps donating the money that’s burning a hole in your pocket,to a cause you believe in would be best. If you feel that your tablet is a justified expense more power to you.  However, many of us can’t justify our excessive purchases beyond, oh it would be great or everyone has this, now its my turn.
It’s been said that we are the most connected, yet the most lonely.  How about going the extra mile to establish a real connection.  When is the last time you wrote a letter and sent it the mail.  Or better yet have your kids write letters to distant, relatives and friends. How about making something with your kids sewing, woodwork etc.  The activity really doesn’t matter, what is important is that you engage  your kids rather than giving them a device to play with.  Play I spy, make up a game, or just sit and talk. 
I’m choosing to swim against the tide here, resisting the tablet craze. No, the extra money I have will stay in the bank or go toward something that adds value to my life. 


  1. You speak the truth...I couldn't agree with you more.

    I purchased a Samsung tablet for myself as a Christmas gift (iPad2 was much too expensive) and after the first couple of weeks I found myself choosing to continue giving my laptop more usage. Not to mention wondering why did I purchase anyway.

    I know this will sound strange, but when it comes to my tablet vs my laptop the tablet is too small to perform activities. When it comes to my tablet vs my iPhone the tablet is too big. Lol.

    My teen daughter actually took the tablet to her house a couple weeks ago and I can't say that I've missed. As you stated, I believe the novelty of it all seduced me into purchasing.

  2. I've often wondered the same thing--what is the allure of a tablet except the need to have the newest gadget. And yes--kids don't need electronics like this. Recently my daughter was grounded from screen time and it was amazing the reading she accomplished without the distraction of the tv.

  3. @MissMoe I struggle a lot with screen time. It just sucks you in. I am working on a plan to minimize our screen time.


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