Friday, January 13, 2012

Weekly Review Another One Bites The Dust

What’s New-  Beginning this week I now have homework. Yes homework! Eleven years out of college I thought I completed my last homework assignment but apparently not.   My homework is pre-reading our read alouds and independent reads.  These assignments are preparing me for next year when we will complete literature guides along with our independent reads.  Also, pre-reading helps me prepare for those teachable moments within the context of our reading.  A few times while reading aloud to my boys I’ve had to edit mid sentence because I was not prepared for the content.  This has happened mostly reading the bible and some during history.   I am not a parent that believes in sugar coating history but I do feel that some topics should be off limits until the maturity is there.  We all know that history is full of violence and tough topics but these are all teachable moments that I am looking forward to share with Christopher and the others as the get older. 

Christopher got a new book this week.  The Dangerous Book for Boys by Conn and Hal Iggulden.  Christopher has skimmed the book and asked mom why is this book called dangerous when nothing in it is dangerous.  I explained to him the title is alluring. Anyway our homeschool group has a club based on this book and this weekend Christopher and Hubby will take their first archery lessons. 

dangerous boys book

Math-Lessons 81-83. The highlight of math was Christopher learned about congruent shapes.  Congruent shapes are  two shapes that are exactly alike in shape and size.  We pulled out our  Geoboards and Geobands and took turns making shapes for the other to copy.




Spanish-We reviewed a lot this week.  Next week we will go more in depth on  a few things I want him to really have down solid by the close of first grade, greetings, numbers, body parts, colors and alphabets. 

Memory Work- We are learning a new poem this week.  Work, by Anonymous.

Science- Studied different types of rocks and added a few more to our collection. We will continue collecting and begin classifying this upcoming week.


This Saturday we will be attending our first science fair.  We are not participating just observing.  Christopher has expressed that he wants to enter a science fair and is extremely excited about building a volcano.  However, I did not find any fairs that took first graders.  Eventually, I did find one but the deadline did not give us enough time prepare and enter.  So this year we will observe and then prepare an entry for next year.  Secretly I am hoping he will change his mind about this volcano.  Although I will not dissuade him from building a volcano, my hope is that once he sees what others are doing that will encourage him to try something different.  It will be just my luck that the room is full of volcanoes. 

LA- We began a new light unit this week, learning more ending consonant blends while reviewing the other things we learned earlier this year. 

History- This week we learned about Hatshepsut who was the daughter of Thutmose.  She later would become pharaoh and ruled for over twenty years.  She was the only female pharaoh.

We also learned about Amenhotep. He was the first Egyptian monotheist.  He banned the worship of other gods during his reign. He changed his name to Akhenaten. Once he died Egypt returned to Polytheism.

Lastly we learned about King Tut, how his grave was found  and the mysterious deaths that plagued six of the twenty six members that found his grave site.

Independent Reading-Christopher completed three chapter books this week.  He is doing well and expanding the types of books he reads.  He needs lots of work with pace and expression but he is getting there.  Not as fast as I would like  but getting there none the less.  I have to remind myself to be patient these things will come with more reading and so we read on. 



Reading-Hooked on Phonics is a hit.  All the boys like to gather round when Emmanuel works on his phonics. 




Math- Emmanuel completed workbook pages 69-76.  He is getting better showing the number of fingers to the corresponding amount in a picture.  We located the top and bottom of things.  Also fewer and more.  I read a book from the Bernstein's Inside, Outside Upside Down.

berstain bears

I introduced the idea of items being in front, behind and beside.  (He did not get this at all but he will, no worries).

Letter Skills- This week was all about the Letter J

We read several books about the history of jazz and a book about Dizzy Gillespie.


Here he is filling his cheeks with air the way Dizzy did.



Music- We worked a few piano lessons in this week. We are using Kinder Bach which is a DVD teaching program.  Emmanuel enjoys this format.  Perhaps once he is a little older we will get him involved with formal lessons.


He is learning fingers and placement on the keyboard.


Joshua joined in with his coloring book.


This week was good not great.  I still feel like I am coming out of the holiday slump.

Goals for next week- Continue to tweak my school time schedule for better efficiency.

How was your week?  I am looking forward to your updates.



  1. I'm working on my diligence with pre-reading after too many awkward moments of impromptu editing. :-/

    Kinder Bach looks like a lot of fun!

  2. What a full week you guys had! Your posts are always so creative and thoughtful. Thanks for sharing :)

  3. I loved reading about your week. All your pictures are terrific!


  4. Your children are blessed to have such good parents and such goodness shows even through blogs.

    I like the fact that kids ask questions. Interesting - the plagues mentioned surrounding the finding of King Tut's grave. Why such illness though?

  5. We love The Dangerous Book for Boys. I know you will enjoy it! I like your idea of doing a unit on jazz. My son has recently decided he loves jazz, despite not knowing the first thing about it. I know nothing about it, so I guess I'll just have to learn right along with him!

    It looks like you had a great week!

  6. Looks like a pretty good week though I know how hard it is to come back from a long break.


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