Friday, January 27, 2012

Weekly Review 1/23-1/27

What’s New-This week we got an opportunity to participate in our first Nerf War.  The boys had a great time.  Sorry I left the camera and did not get pictures but imagine little boys running everywhere and Nerf bullets whizzing by in every direction.

Today our co-op started back again.  Our first day back was fun.  Every time I think I can pull away from the co-op they just keep reeling me back in.  More on this later.


  • Learned to regroup using tens and ones.  If only I learned math the way Saxon explains it. 
  • Began telling time to the half hour.
  • Continue with our daily drills, counting by 1, 2, 5, 10 forward and backward. 
  • Completed lessons 85-87 and we had some fun with a few computer math programs this week to change up the pace.




  • Completed Light Unit 109.  Christopher made a 100 on his unit exam.
  • Started LU 110 the final learning to read portion of his curriculum.  Once he finishes this he will be on to Reading 1.  This is a big milestone.  I am so proud of my little man. 


  • Learned about Carter G. Woodson the founder of National Negro week which would later expand to  Black History Month.
  • Read Ashanti to Zulu and learned about customs of several tribes in Africa.  The purpose of reading this book was to establish  a positive image of the tribes in Africa and their traditions.
  • Read The History of Slavery which discusses slavery from around the world, not just slavery as it happened here in America.

Originally, I was going to go more in depth about how slaves were brought to America.  After this week I see that the content of my original plan is to heavy for my son at this time.  For example you can see listed under my homework that I am reading a book The Kidnapped Prince.  My plan was to finish Ashanti to Zulu straight into this book.  We would discuss how slaves came from all over Africa. Europeans were not going into villages snatching slaves.  On the contrary Africans were very involved in the slave trade.  But while reading several chapters from the History of Slavery Christopher made several comments that let me know he was not ready for the original plan.  The beauty of homeschooling means that I can adjust my plans.  So instead we will spend a good portion of February reading biographies of notable African Americans. 

Science- No science this week we will pick it up next week.


  • Moving on with numbers, greetings,  simple questions and answers and identifying body parts.


  • We continue our work with First Language Lessons but once we introduced the Growing With Grammar workbook, it has helped him tremendously to see examples of the rules.  We are slowing progressing through GWG workbook one lesson a day. 
  • Identified complete sentences vs. fragments.
  • Created complete sentences from fragments.




For some reason I always neglect to post what we are learning in our bible studies.

  • This week our morning devotionals covered the following topics; Who Is Satan, How God Made Adam and Eve and How Sin Came Into The World.

Books  We Read

  • Carter G. Woodson The Man Who Put “Black” In American History by Jim Haskins and Kathleen Benson
  • Ashanti to Zulu: African Tradition Margaret Musgrove


Independent Reads Completed

  • Should I Share My Ice Cream? by Mo Willems
  • Owl At Home by Arnold Lobel
  • Happy Pig Day! Mo Willems
  • Pearl and Wagner Two Good Friends by Kate McMullan


Letter of the Week- L



  • We continue with our Hooked on Phonics


  • Learned about lions. 

Books We Read

  • Eli by Bill Peet
  • The Grouchy Ladybug by Eric Carle
  • The Little Red Lighthouse and The Great Gray Bridge by Hildegarde H. Swift and Lynd Ward
  • Ladybug Ladybug by Ruth Brown
  • Lion by Caroline Arnold


Books We Read

  • Spot Bakes a Cake by Eric Hill
  • Colors by Sara Anderson
  • The Daddy Book by Todd Parr
  • I Love You All Year Long by Steve Metzger

Other Updates

This past Saturday Emmanuel had his fourth birthday at Chuck E Cheese.  It was fun.  Emmanuel and I got a chance to go in the Ticket Booth.  This is a machine that has tickets on the floor and when they turn the machine on all the tickets blow up in the air and you have to catch as many as you can before the machine is turned off. The only catch is you can not pick tickets up off the floor.  In we went and I was hoping to grab a few specific tickets.  There is one ticket that is worth 1,000 tickets and several that are worth 5o, 100, and 200.  Thankfully I nabbed the grand prize of 1,000 tickets and several others. 



We had a great week! I am looking forward to another great week of learning. How about you?



  1. You did have a great week. You have some interesting reads too...I'll be checking those out. What fun for a 4 year old bday party. I'll bet the birthday boy was super happy about the tickets you snagged :).

  2. I'm going to look into some of these history books.

    I hope your birthday boy had a great day! :)

  3. @ Kristie I felt really good about this week. It's such a wodnerful feeling when you feel good about what you accomplished for the week.

  4. @SCGS Emmanuel had a blast. It was a great birthday.


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