Friday, January 20, 2012

Weekly Review 1/16-1/20


What’s New:  This week was an interesting week.  Monday we took off in celebration of MLK day.  And Wednesday I had to go to the doctor so we were off then as well.

Next week we resume our weekly co-op.  Truth be told I’m  really not looking forward to losing my Friday’s.  Oh the things I could do with my Fridays.  So I have been contemplating leaving the co-op.  In fact toward the end of last year I was sure that if we participated in the co-op at all next school it would only be for one semester.  In place of co-op we could enjoy more park days, which all little boys need. Then I attended our semester opening meeting and felt  oh how can I leave co-op my boys will be so sad.  The verdict is still out more to come in a later post.  

Math- Completed lessons 83-84.  Only two lesson this week shameful I know but we will pick it up again next week. One of our assignments used various manipulative to count by 10.  Christopher enjoyed this immensely.  Saxon has been an all around good fit for us but I wish the assignments did not take so long to complete. A large portion of our day is devoted to reading, math and language arts.  I suppose that’s how it should be.


LA- More blends, root words and suffixes. 

Reading-He is finishing up Light Unit 109 will begin LU 110 next week.  Once this light unit is complete we will continue with CLE’s Reading 100.

History- We read about the birth of Moses and the Exodus.  We also read about the Phoenicians and how they set up colonies along the Mediterranean Sea.  Tyre and Carthage were two of their better known colonies.  

Spelling-Pulled out the letter tiles and asked Christopher to spell several words.  The tiles were a way to change up our normal routine.


Grammar- In addition to First Language Lessons we sprinkled in a few lessons from Growing with Grammar. 

Memory Work- We continue to work on our new poem Work by Anonymous. Christopher has this one down for the most part.  He really surprised me, I was sure he would need more time.


Letter K


Social Studies- Korea was our destination this week. Our film followed two children one who lived in the village and one who lived in the city.  The film was very interesting.  We had some great discussion comparing our lives with the lives of students in Korea.  We checked out the film from the library but you can find study guides and information at  Hopefully we can find a good Korean restaurant this week and sample some great food.  I have always been fascinated by other cultures.  Interestingly, when I asked my oldest if he would prefer living in the village or the city he said he would like to live in the village.  Apparently our time in the village in Nigeria really made a lasting impact on him. 

Science- We learned about Kangaroo’s. We read the story Joey. It’s a story all about a baby kangaroo and his adventures in his mother’s pouch. 


Joshua was our flag bearer this week. 


Update- Last week Christopher has his first archery lesson with his dad.  I was happy that they were able to get some father son time in while participating in a manly activity.

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Tomorrow is Emmanuel’s fourth birthday.  He is having a birthday bash at Chuck E Cheese.   Pictures will be posted soon.

That’s our week, how was yours?



  1. Love the pictues. Your boys are so cute.

  2. Your boys are adorable! Archery sounds like so much fun, I might have to look into something like that! Your week sounds like it went great!

  3. My son would absolutely love archery lessons. Great idea!

  4. Happy birthday to Emmanuel! We didn't participate in our classes last "semester" for a bunch of different reasons, and I was pretty happy to have that time to do all of the other things we needed to do. BUT - I knew my kids missed it. We are going back now. Sometimes just your presence there is enough to encourage other moms who may not want to be there.....just my 2 cents :)

  5. Ooooh, archery...looks like fun! Your boys are super cute!


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