Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Circle of Life

Over the holidays I got the opportunity to go to the Opthamologist with my mother.  Mom was diagnosed with cataracts after recently failing  her vision screening at the local Drivers Motor Vehicle.  So I tagged along for emotional support for mom.  As she sat there in the chair answering questions the still small voice within me said it has begun.   What has begun you may ask?  Well I see a transition happening between she and I.  Slowly I am becoming more of the caregiver.  Mom is in no way in need of a care giver per se but I see that day by day she needs me just a little more. 
I am ready but not prepared.  There is no other person that I can pass this responsibility on to.  Although I can’t say that I would want someone else to step in here.  Ready or not, my mother is getting old and my only options are to deal with it and do what needs to be done. 
Ready or not, I too am aging.  The subtle signs are all around me. Older family members aren’t as strong and strapping.  Younger family members are going off to college, getting married having children etc.  My children are growing at an alarmingly fast rate.
My mind drifts back to when I was a child or a crumb snatcher as my grandfather would say.  And now I am married, parenting my own children and lovingly caring for my mother. 
The circle of life continues.

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  1. Such is life. It is hard to see our parents aging. I have watched my adopted grandma age before my eyes this past year. It is hard, but I am so happy for this time I have with her. And thanks so much for all your kind comments!


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