Friday, December 2, 2011

Decluttering My Life and Home Part 2


These tips have helped me tremendously as I work through decluttering my life and home.  I hope these tips will bless someone else as well.

Tip One:  Love Your Home. 
Perhaps if I loved my home from day one I would not be in my current situation. Honestly, the majority of the time  I have lived in my home, I have not loved it.  I had the attitude that this was only a starter home and I would get my dream home in a few years.  Having this perspective really handicapped me.  Instead of being grateful for the home I had.  I was dreaming about the home I wanted.  Wishful thinking got me no where.  Instead of using my energy positively in my current home.  My energy was wasted in a whirlwind of how I hated my home and wished for another home.  But then one day I got it.  Hello! I have a home and its a nice home.  It needs some TLC but all homes need that.  In addition, I don't need to move to another home, because this is the home we can afford. 
Thinking back several generations, families did not move around like we do today.  On the contrary, once you purchased a home that was it.  It was your homestead a place where your children's children would come to visit.  As things broke down, you repaired them.  If you needed more space perhaps you would add on or else you would just make do. But the idea of moving every seven years or so was not normal.
So you must love your home.  Wheter your living space is 800 square feet or 4500 square feet love it.  Have an attitude of gratitude for your living space.  Any other attitude will not serve you or your family well.  

Tip Two: Identify Problem Zones
 Now that you have the proper attitude about your home. Identify problem zones in your home. Spend some time evaluating each room. As you go through each room identify zones within the room that are problems. Ask yourself why is this area consistently cluttered? What specifically about the room is not working and how can you eliminate that problem. Is there sufficient shelving?  What items would improve this space? Once you have identified the problems zones work hard to get those areas organized first.
For example, is your foyer always cluttered with shoes? As you brainstorm about ways to improve this zone ask yourself the questions listed above.  You may find that a simple solution to your problem zone is a shoe rack.  However another solution would be pick the shoes up and put them in their respective places. Pick a solution that works best for you and is easy to maintain.

I have discovered that my problem zones are the kitchen, office/classroom, toy room, formal dining and master bedroom and bath.  I will share more about these in an upcoming post.

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  1. What great information. I've been in the process of decluttering/organizing for the past year. I really need to put a time limit on it, huh?

    My problem zones are the linen closet, the master closet, and the kitchen pantry...oh and, the garage. Ack, just writing that out is making me freak!!


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