Sunday, October 24, 2010


In the ocean
That's where I left you
At your request
The last place your mother went fishing                 
Perhaps you are with her now

On 69th and Seawall
For me that's your grave marker

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
I heard someone say in the crowd
I could say nothing
As I stood on the rocky shore
And watched you swim away from me

You are gone
Gone and never to return
I will never again see your face
Never hear you laugh
Never hear your voice again
Only in my dreams and fading photographs

I have no second chances
No do overs
No make up exams
No extra credit

I never thought our time together would be so short
Somehow  I always envisioned a different ending
Sorry for my short comings

So many unspoken words
So many missed opportunities

I feel like my thoughts will haunt me forever
Will I always wonder what if....., why didn't I...
 I'm working through the pain

I hope that you are happy, free and healed

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Monday, October 11, 2010

Grateful Monday: Homeschool Co-op

When I first began my research into homeschooling I had no idea what lie beyond the horizon. I knew one thing for certain, and that was some families were teaching at home.  That was it, beyond that I was green.  I did not know there were so many great resources available to those who have decided home education is the right choice for their family.  
One of the many blessings of homeschool is a co-op.  A co-op is a group of people that get together for a shared learning experience.  Co-ops can be very small, serving three to five families for one subject like art or science or very large with hundreds of children.  My husband felt that the co-op experience would really enhance our son's homeschool experience.  After visiting five co-ops in my area I decided to join the very first one that I visited.  I was impressed with the set up and every person I met was so warm and inviting.
Our co-op is parent run which means that every hour your child attends co-op you give to the co-op is some way.  What a blessing this has been for our family this year.  My oldest son looks forward to co-op every Friday morning.  At my home we call it Friday school.  All week I hear "Mommy I can't wait for Friday school".  Friday school is a blessing to me because I get to see firsthand the fruits of other homeschooler's labor.  From watching a fourth grader learn how to correctly write a paper to discussing classic literature with a high school student.  It gives me hope for all the great things in store for me and for that I am grateful.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Where Is The Moon?

Last month we had such a great time studying the sun.  So I decided to continue our fun and study out the moon.  My plan was for us to read about the moon and chart the moon for thirty days.  So far we are five days in and we have not seen the moon.  Where is the moon?  My husband looked online and I have found several sites that tell me what the moon looks like for the day but we have not been able to see it from our home. 
Today we decided we would drive around and see if we could find the moon.  Let me tell you! I have never wanted to see the moon more in my life.  I thought for sure since we drove out of our neighborhood we would see the moon but no luck.  While in the car we had a discussion about why we haven't seen the moon.

Me:  Christopher honey why do you think we haven't seen the moon?
Christopher:  The moon is in Australia mom its not our turn yet.
Me:  In Australia! How do you know its there?
Christopher:  Mom! you know, first its in North America then South America.  Next it goes over to Africa, Europe, then Asia.  And then it goes to Australia! So we just have to wait our turn and it will come back to North America. 
Me:  Oh Okay.

I promised Christopher we would continue to look for the moon for the entire month. Wish us luck. 
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