Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sad, Numb and Confused

Today I am having a tough day.  Last night around 11:00 pm we got a call that one of our close family friends died.  He drowned in the ocean at his family reunion.  Of course we were sad, shocked and just taken aback by this awful situation.  I am so grateful to have had his example in my life.  He was such a warm, endearing guy.  My mind immediately went to his wife and their five children.  Through our tears and disbelief, the only comfort in this situation is that we know he has gone to a better place.  After we received the news I wanted to do something but there was nothing I could do, except be still with my thoughts.  So I went to Facebook thinking I would update my profile but I ended up visiting his page.  As the messages were filling up his page it was evident that he touched the lives of so many.  Tom Winter you will be missed.  You were dearly loved and you were a bright light among us. 

Then this morning I get a call from my great aunt saying that my dad is in ICU on a breathing machine and is having complications from a recent surgery.  The entire time my aunt was explaining my dad's situation I kept bracing myself, waiting for her to say those words.  She did not.  You can visit my previous post for more details about my dad.  I wish I could say that since that time I was able to make everything right but of course that is not so.  So here I sit today sad, numb and confused contemplating.


  1. My prayers are with you, Tiffany! As difficult as it is to comprehend, God has a plan. Hugs!

  2. Tiffany,

    As Robin says, God does have a plan for everything even though it might be difficult for us to understand. Rest in him the best you can.

    I read your precious post regarding caring for your parents. We never thought we would be our ages and we never thought our parents would grow older and here we are now and both are realities. It's a blessing, but I totally agree w/your regarding caring for them. I believe my parents will be alright financially, but if/when they ever need assistance, that is troubling because I'm so far away. Fortunately, I have a sibling who lives nearby and would step in whenever needed, but I also think about the time together my children and I will miss as they continue to age.

    I pray your father gets the best care he can and also for you for some comfort and peace through this time.

  3. Thanks ladies for the warm words of encouragement. I am feeling so overwhelmed. I am taking it to the Lord in prayer for him to guide my steps.

  4. I am so sorry you are having to endure these hardships. Just rest in the comfort from the scriptures knowing that God does not cause these things to happen. Big hugs!


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