Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Simple Gesture Can Mean So Much

Recently there has been a lot of conversation about this picture of President Obama shaking hands with British police officer. I can not speculate what was going on in the minds of either gentleman at the moment but I can tell you what the picture means to me.

Recently my mother and I attended a funeral. Once we viewed the body and were on our way to our seats we passed the bereaved family. As we passed each person my mother touched each of their hands. It was not a formal shake for all to see but she made a connection with each person sitting on the pew. I have never asked her why she did that but I think I have the answer. She simply wanted to connect with them physically to lend a hand to let them know she was there for them in their time of sorrow. A simple gesture really but it meant so much to those there.
This picture reminds me of that moment. We can see the President is walking past the officer, but a simple reach over to shake the officers hand means I see you there. I acknowledge your presence. How many times have you needed someone to acknowledge your presence. A kind word, when you are down or a pat on the shoulder telling you job well done. In my opinion its those moments that are carried a lifetime. Retold to future generations and cherished.


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