Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Osama Bin Hiding...Yeah Right

I am deeply troubled about the we can't seem to find Osama Bin Laden issue. I am upset over this "war" but particularly our inability to bring this man to justice. Where is he hiding and why can't we find him. This man sends out video messages on a regular basis but we can not or choose not to find him. I think we the people of America have been lied to. We have been served a heaping help of propaganda.
What happened to the great intelligence that told us there were weapons of mass destruction being manufactured, etc. etc. Lies! How is it we can spend billions on space programs and satellites that can tell us if Mars can support human life but we can't find a man wondering around in the desert. WAKE UP PEOPLE! Osama has not been found because they aren't looking for him. That's right. I said it. If you think for one minute our government has spent seven years looking for Osama, you my friends are deceived, as we all have been.
All that talk about National Security and the terror alert color coded system was a scheme to keep us distracted and afraid. It's called manipulation and our government is master of the game. Somewhere in the oval office a group of men came up with a plan. "Lets keep the people so afraid and distracted that they don't even see the immoral, perverse things we are really doing." And we fell for it, hypnotized by green, blue, yellow, orange, red all levels of impending danger.
Think about it. This is not a war against terrorism this is a fight over who has control over oil production. Does anyone else find it strange that before Chaney and Bush were in the white house they made their millions in the oil field. Amazingly now at the end of this administrations reign gas prices are godforsakenly high and the oil executives feel they don't owe us any explanations. And who do you think is benefiting from the high prices at the pump. It's not you and me, the average folk, no its Bush, Chaney and their counterparts. What we have here is a corporate takeover of the White House. Basically, corporate executives have gotten the okay to ship all of are jobs overseas, rob us of our retirements while they make profits in the tens of millions that are smuggled away in untraceable accounts. All because of greed. And how is this done you ask. Its done by making large contributions to your party of choice. Thereby creating a scratch my back I will scratch yours situation. Instead of representation for the masses we now have representation for the few, who pull the strings of our puppet governing authorities.
And so back to my point, capturing Osama is really not a focus. I am not excusing the horrid, unforgiveable acts planned and or carried out by Osama Bin Laden, I just believe that as long as the American people are fixated on him, then less attention is given to our real opponent the current residents of the White House.

pic. http://www.terror-alert.com/

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  1. Very educated and thought-provoking post. I commend you. Also, your words mirror my exact sentiments because I think anyone with just a drop of common sense will NOW realize that America pulled the scam over people's eyes.

    I don't believe Osama Bin Laden bombed the Towers no more than I believe Saadam had weapons of mass destruction. I once read The 9/11 Commission and it showcased each and every lie that the government has covered up.

    Osama Bin Laden...yeah right. LOL.

    sidebar: I notice that you've read Goines, Dope Fiend. I think that was his best read.


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